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Alpaca have been prized for their fiber since Pre-Incan times due to the properties and quality of their wool (hair). Alpaca is Softest, warmest yarn in the world! Alpaca is three times warmer than wool because of it's hollow fiber, yet super soft and not in the least bit scratchy. Baby alpaca yarn does NOT come from baby alpacas. Alpaca fiber is classified not by age of the animal, but by the diameter of the hair. Baby alpaca is the finest, softest yarn, and it is highly prized for knitting and other crafts.

Baby alpaca yarn is soft and flexible without being excessively stretchy and it can be worked in a variety of gauges. After a knitting project is finished, it should be washed and blocked out to hold its shape. Washing with cool to warm water and a mild soap or detergent, then hanging dry or drying on a low heat cycle is recommended.

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